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Houghton Regis Academy

Academy Rules

We have three simple rules that we expect all students at the academy to follow.

Be Responsible by:

·       Having the correct equipment for all lessons; 

o   Pen 

o   Pencil 

o   Ruler 

o   Eraser 

o   Sharpener 

o   Calculator 

o   Compass 

o   School Planner 

o   Reading Book

o   Any specialist equipment for ADT and PE

·       Arriving and attending all lessons on time 

·       Working to the best of your ability in all classes 

·       Wearing the correct Academy uniform 


Be Respectful by:

·       Not swearing at students and adults 

·       Not disrupting the learning of others 

·       Following adult's instructions 

·       Being kind and respectful to all members of the academy community including visitors 

·       Not damaging or vandalising the academy buildings or environment 


Be Safe by:

·       Staying on school site at all times unless you have permission to leave

·       Moving around the Academy site sensibly at all times 

·       Keeping hands and feet to yourself 

·       Entering the Academy buildings and classrooms in a calm, orderly manner


Mobile phones are banned at the Academy.

All staff will operate a “see it” “hear it” “lose it” approach