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Houghton Regis Academy

Attendance/Absence from school

At HRA we believe it is vitally important for pupils to attend school regularly and on time. This will give them the best opportunity to progress and achieve their full potential. Good attendance and punctuality encourages pupils to become responsible and resilient individuals which will serve them well in their future working lives. 

We expect every pupil to attend school every day. If attendance drops below 96% our pastoral teams will intervene. 96% equates to pupils having 7.5 days absence over the whole academic year.


We can only authorise absence for: 

·         Hospital appointments: you will need to provide us with an appointment card, letter or text from the clinic or hospital.  The card, letter, or text should be shown to the receptionist prior to the appointment.

·         Illness: we will ask you to provide a note explaining the nature of the illness and medical evidence.

·         Exceptional circumstances

If your child is not in school, you must contact us by telephone on the first day by 08:30am and each subsequent day of your child’s absence.