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Houghton Regis Academy

The Academy Rules

It is important that the rules listed below are followed by all pupils at the Academy to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

  1. When entering or leaving the Academy, you should walk sensibly and with consideration for others, using the proper gateways and keeping to the pathways:
  2. respect the hedges and avoid going through themit is dangerous to walk along our site’s roadwaythe mounds and the field can be very muddy and slipperyif crossing the road, do so under the direction of the crossing patrol ladywhen going home by bus, line up sensibly at the bus stop, leaving space for others to use the path
  3. Play in the recognised playground areas:
  4. the courtyards, pathways and grass banks are unsuitable for playing games.the field is for football only in winter and for all in summer.
  5. Games that are potentially dangerous, such as Bulldog, Piggyback or Leap-frog are not permitted.
  6. Dangerous items such as knives and matches, iPods, money that is not needed in school, designer sportswear and electronic games should not be brought into the Academy.
  7. Respect the fences; they are there for your protection. Do not swing, bounce or climb on them.
  8. Coats should be stored neatly on hooks in classrooms. During wet weather it may be possible for some coats to be hung at the back of the Hall.
  9. Never leave money or other valuables in coats or bags. The Academy cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen valuables. If anything does go missing, have a good look for it and then tell your Form Tutor at once if you cannot find it.
  10. No chewing gum or bubble gum is to be brought onto the Academy site.
  11. At break times, eat snacks or crisps in the playground, although all tuck shop snacks must be eaten in the hall.
  12. Make sure rubbish is put in the waste bins.
  13. Always walk in single file, on the left, when moving around the Academy.
  14. ALL pupils should go outside at break and at lunch times unless:
  15. They have a ‘sick note’they have a valid permission slip signed by a teacherthey are being supervised by a teacherthey want to sit in the hall at break or attend Pitstop
  16. You will not normally be allowed to leave a lesson to go to the toilet. Make sure you use the toilet during break times or lunchtime. If there is a medical reason for needing to go to the toilet during lesson times, bring a letter in from your parent/guardian giving the reason why, and you will be issued with a toilet pass.
  17. You are expected to arrive at the Academy and for lessons promptly. If you arrive late to the Academy, the Attendance Officer at the gate will take your name and class and issue a lunchtime detention. If you arrive after the bell has rung, you must report to the Academy Office and sign in. If you do not sign in late, and your parents have not rung us, we will think you are absent.
  18. Pupils having a school lunch or packed lunch must stay on the Academy premises throughout lunchtime. If you go home for lunch we will need a letter from your parent/guardian saying that you can go home; you will then be issued with a lunch pass.
  19. No pupils may leave the Academy premises during the day unless:
  • You are going home for lunch
  • You are being supervised by a teacher
  • You have permission to leave from the Principal